Traditional and pistol wax

Besides the traditional seal used with lighter, we have the new guns to seal series such as wedding invitations.

Model: Ref PL

Wax Gun

Wax gun to seal quick, easy and clean. Just let heat for 5 minutes and press the trigger.
Highly recommended for sealing series.

PL: 10,00 Euros/unit


- 4 bars
- 60 seals per box

- Red
- Gold
- Burgundy Red
- Pearl White
- Silver

Wax for wax gun

Special wax bars for use in wax gun. Ideal for sealing both long and short series like invitations, envelopes, packages...

Sealing bars are large in size (diameter 12 mm) so a high yield is obtained.

WAX-PL: 10,00 Euros/box

Modelo: Ref BLWICK

- Red
- Burgundy Red
- Black
- Gold
- Silver

Wax Bar with wick

Wax Bar with wick in varius colors to choose: Red, Burgundy Red, Black, Gold and silver.

BLFR: 2,00 Euros/unit

Inkpad for wax seals

Ink to paint seals in gold and silver.

Get a premium finish for sealing wax of any color, allows many combinations, from the traditional red wax painted in gold, to any other by the two inks available. Once the sealing is done, with the inker, carefully pass over the engraved surface of the engraving.

Inkpad for wax seals: 3,20 Euros

Model: Ref BLFR

Color: Red
Size: 18cm

Traditional sealing wax bar

The traditional sealing wax has a hard, glossy finish, it must be broken in order to open the sealed document. Large traditional red sealing wax bar.

BLFR: 4,00 Euros/unit


Color: Red
Quantity: 10 bars
Size: 18cm

Box 10 bars tradicional sealing wax

The traditional sealing wax has a hard, glossy finish, it must be broken in order to open the sealed document.

LACRE-TRAD: 30,00 Euros/box


Wax colors:
- Red
- Burgundy Red
- Black
- Gold
- Silver

Quantity: 2 bars

Gift Box

Wooden gift box for wax seal. Includes two sealing bars (can choose colors) and it's sealed with your seal outside of the box.
The wax seal is not included in the price.

GIFT-BOX: 15,00 Euros/box


- ochre
- red
- garnet
- blue
- green
- beige
- white
- black

TRADITIONAL sealing wax brick

Traditional wax sealing pads, hard, has to be broken to be able to open the document or sealed object
To apply break the brick and melt into electric bucket dispenser or a casserole.

LAD-TRADIC-05: 8,00 Euros/unit

Model: Ref LAD-SINTE-05

Color: Red

SYNTHETIC sealing wax brick

Red synthetic wax Brick of 0.5Kg used for waxing the necks of wine, beer or olive oil bottles. The synthetic wax endures breaking and can be cut with a knife before opening the bottle, so it can prevent the table from staining. Also, Synthetic Wax never breaks in case of a hit caused during the delivery of the bottle. With the Synthetic Wax Brick it is possible to wax necks for 75 bottles.

To use the wax, first, is necessary to melt the wax in a pot heating it in small fire, and after submerge the bottle necks in it.

LAD-SINTE-05: 8,00 Euros/unit

Model: Ref CAZ-400

Melting pot with dispenser

Electric pot to melt sealing wax with heat regulator to maintain a stable temperature and piston for dispensing wax. Capacity 400gr.

CAZ-400: 385,00 Euros